The MLMentor Prospecting Scripts

Do you sometimes fumble your words when it comes to speaking to people about your opportunity?

Do you feel as though no matter what you say or do you can't move forward with your business?

Do you sometimes feel that you come across too salesy when inviting people to take a look at what you do?

If so, then these scripts are for you!

Learn how to break the ice with potential prospects without scaring them away and also learn how to invite people professionally.

Inside the PDF you will find Proven Ice Breakers and Warm Market invites that work! 


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— Carl Amery, The MLMentor

About Carl Amery

Carl is a 6-figure earner and the founder of The MLMentor which is the best selling Network Marketing App for network marketers looking to improve their skills and knowledge in the industry. His unique "straight talking" attitude has helped 1,000s with their business.

Over the last 3 years he has trained people worldwide to become better and more efficient not only in Network Marketing but also in personal development and mind-set.