Ben & Sylwia Jackson

-Entrepreneurs, Professional Network Marketers

"Lots of people are attracted to a leader that understands where they are going and how to get there. Carl Amery is the one man who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. He is such an incredible leader, business partner, friend and coach! His leadership skills are second to none. We have known Carl for almost 2 years  now and he has helped us achieve our personal and business goals.  What is very special about Carl is the fact that he is committed and dedicated, he has ability to show a person what they are capable of. We respect him and have big admiration for what he does for us and our business. He helped us believe that we can do/achieve anything we set our mind to and always remind us when we feel like quitting to think why we started. Carl is all about loyalty, respect and hard work."  

John Hamliton

-Ex Army Staff Sergeant, Professional Network Marketer

Carl has been a good friend and mentor of mine for a few years, I've had the pleasure of watching his meteoric rise through the industry. His passion to train and mentor others is incredible to see, he is a consummate professional. Not only is Carl a student of the industry but he is a first class leader to thousands of aspiring Network Marketing professionals. If you are serious about taking your business to the next level then Carl is your man, his coaching can help you become a top producer in your company.

Barbara Cox

Nutritionist, Author, Professional Network Marketer

Carl's leadership and mentorship has really taught me a lot., I mean a lot! Carl is a master motivator, a true leader, and an absolute role model for those of us in professional network marketing. He has taken his team under his wing over the past two years and helped many of us to break out of our shells and comfort zone to achieve a fantastic start to all our businesses. There are some people that you meet in your professional life that you know will always be there for you - Carl is one of those people. His involvement in the daily motivational messages, weekly training sessions, quarterly regional Saturday training sessions and National event organisation is no less than inspiring as his support to the overall Industry and business community is outstanding. Carl's dedication to our profession is unquestioned and unmatched.  Carl and his family have become true friends and I'm very proud to be on his team with his unwavering support.